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Masaya Volcano - Lava Tour

Duration: 3 hours

Min Pax : 2

Price: 40$ p/p

wonderful sunset on the masaya volcano

The volcanic complex is made up of a nest of calderas and craters, Las Sierras being the largest of them. Within the latter is the Masaya volcano itself. This houses the Masaya caldera, formed about 2,500 years ago by a basaltic eruption. Within this caldera, a new basaltic complex has grown from eruptions mainly in a semicircular set of fumaroles that include the Nindirí and Masaya. dare to explore and visit the wonderful Masaya volcano.

Mombacho Volcano Trails

Min pax :2 

The Crater $50.00 (1.5 hours walk) Self-guided

El Tigrillo $55 (2.5 hours walk) Guided

El Puma $60 (4 hours walk) Guided

The Mombacho Volcano is the last cloud cover that exists in the Pacific of Nicaragua. It is full of great natural beauty and is the refuge of dozens of orchids, ferns and countless birds that fill this beautiful setting with joy with their melodious songs.

Traveling to this beautiful place is a great experience, it is very special, here you can discover a world full of life, this Mombacho Volcano natural reserve is home to more than 450 species of flora, including 85 species of orchids, as well as a variety, you can say that a large collection of ferns, mosses, epiphytic plants and more than a hundred species of beautiful birds; The vast majority of these birds travel from Alaska to give us beautiful colors and remind us that they exist and are alive.

Zip line at Mombacho Volcano

Duration: 2 hours

Min pax :2 

Price: 35$ 

The most complete in Nicaragua 

The longest in Nicaragua 2.km

The most extreme in Nicaragua

The #1 according to TripAdvisor

Canopy Tour Miravalle is designed for all families. It has a 2 km route, 17 platforms, 11 double lines and 3 suspension bridges, which allows you to experience acrobatics created for clients such as: Superman, monkey, tarzan or the butterfly. Throughout the tour you will be accompanied by experienced guid

Ometepe Island full day

Duration : 10 hours

Min pax :2 

Price: 135$ 

Discover the island of Ometepe with us

I always heard that Ometepe was a magical island. And it really is located in the Nicaraguan lake of Cocibolca, it was formed by the explosive duality of two volcanoes: the Concepción volcano and the Madera volcano

But this place is not only geologically magical but it is the people who live there that make it even more special.

Full day in the north

Duration: 10 hours 

Min pax :2

Price: 120$ p/p 

We will visit white waterfall and a beautiful black forest.

Located at km147 Tuma-La Dalia highway, Matagalpa, is the Cascada Blanca Eco-Lodge.

The Cascada Blanca Eco Lodge is within the private Cascada Blanca nature reserve (part of the Santa Emilia River waterfalls), whose greatest attraction is the powerful waterfall with a height of 17 meters above the ground.

Legend has it that it is heard among the thick vegetation of the mountains of Matagalpa, the echo that sings about a forbidden love between Yasica and Yaguare, two brother members of the same indigenous tribe who embarked on a forbidden love.

To get to the reserve, just go to the Cotran Norte terminal in the city of Matagalpa, and board a bus to La Dalia, if you go by private transportation, take the road to La Dalia and go to kilometer 147, a point located 25 minutes away. from the city of Matagalpa.

Boat tour in the Isletas

Minimum pax : 2 

Price: 30$ per person 

The Isletas boat tour is one of the most popular excursions in Granada. Our guide will pick you up in the lobby of your hotel to transfer you to the Casa Amarilla port, and enjoy a boat ride through the great Lake Nicaragua (Lake Cocibolca) and the Islets of Granada, which are of volcanic origin and were formed when the Mombacho Volcano exploded much of its main cone into the lake thousands of years ago, thus creating the lava archipelago. Most of the islets are covered in beautiful vegetation and are home to hundreds of species of birds.

Our recommendation is to take the tour early in the morning (08:30 a.m.) or in the afternoon (3:30 p.m.)

Coffee tour

Minimum pax : 2 

Price: 30$ per person 

Through a tour of the coffee plantations you will learn from the tour guide, the origins of coffee, the almacigo, coffee varieties, coffee harvesting, the benefit process to separate and dry the coffee.

The process of receipt, storage, profiling of special coffees, threshing, roasting, grinding, preparation and testing of special coffees will also be seen.The key characteristics of a good coffee will be explained, both in aroma and flavor.

Walking City Tour Granada

Duration: 1h20 

Minimum pax : 2 

Price: 25 per person

Granada is the oldest colonial city in Latin America that is still preserved in the same place of its foundation. This tour show you the city walking

Cañón De Somoto

Duration: FULL DAY

Departure Time from Granada, Managua or Leon: 5 am

Price from Granada, Managua or Leon: $160 p/p

Minimum 2 people

1 person 50% additional

Extreme adventure in ¨El Cañón de Somoto¨ one of the oldest rock formations in Central America with high vertical walls that extends for approximately five kilometers, in a route whose width varies between 10 and 15 meters.

Ron flor de Caña factory

Price from Granada or Managua: $130 pp

1 person $190

Departure Time 5:30 am

Duration FULL DAY

Visit with us the Flor de Caña Factory, the leading super premium rum in Central America which has been awarded as the best rum in the world. know about its history and the rum aging process while you enjoy a tasting of this precious rum.

Volcano Boarding (Cerro Negro) + City Tour León

Live the adventure of surfing a Volcano. You can walk around the crater and you can see how active this Volcano really is. Once at the top you can enjoy surfing on the ash side of the Volcano.

Explore the colonial City of León, Nicaragua, home of the largest Cathedral in Central America. Visit Sutiaba, an indigenous neighborhood, followed by visits to the Museum of the Revolution and the Museum of Myths and Legends.

Petroglyphs Zapatera Island

Minimum pax : 2 

Price: 120$ Per person

It consists of three archaeological sites: Jiquilito, Sonzapote and reeds; in the latter have been found in burials and the other two were located in the mid nineteenth century, stone sculptures that brought fame to the island. With the name “Squier-Zapatera Collection” more than thirty sculptural pieces that Chorotegas developed on this island in the Great Lake of Nicaragua are known. Call indigenous language Chomitl-Tenamitl (stone wall). They were discovered in 1849 by the American diplomat Ephraim George Squier (1821-1881), who found 15 statues in Jiquilito. In 1883 a Swedish naturalist revealed the existence of other 25 in Sonzapote.

The following year they were counted at both sites 34. In 1924-1942, six expeditions were transferred to the Central College of Granada, run by the Jesuits. Almost all they kept in one of the precincts of the former National Institute of East-where in 1970- relocated, Conventual San Francisco Center today.